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Empty Out Your Wallet

By Julene McCoy in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 23, 2007 7:30PM

2007_03_baseball.jpgThere was something going on sale that we can’t quite remember. What was that? It was something that we were supposed to be all excited about. Some group was getting back together… The Sheriffs? That can’t be right. We’re being driven to tears by this.

Seattlest would have been all over these tickets if the band hadn’t sold out last night. We’re much more forgiving than that. Hell, we’re all for grabbing the money and running for artists. It doesn’t happen all that often. So help poor Modest Mouse – we think every little thing they do is magic.
April 22, Auditorium Theatre, $35.50, all ages, on sale Saturday 10:00 a.m.

Was that group we were all excited about Jethro Tull? They’ve been around long enough, but flute seems wrong for the voices we have inside our head. Seriously, check out their website – it’s partly fascinating and partly terrifying in a Tull have a Christmas album (?!?) kind of way. (Heh, Tull – makes them seem all tuff.)
Oct. 13, Rialto Square Theater, $45 - $95, all ages, on sale now.
Oct. 14, Genesee Theatre, $45 - $95, all ages, on sale now.

2007_03_badge.jpgIt’s like every breath we take the band’s name is right on the tip of our tongue. Something about baseball is coming to mind. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da – if we could only get some sort of message in a bottle. That’s it!

Tickets go on sale Monday for The Police at Wrigley Field. These puppies are gonna set you back a couple Benjamins and sell quickly, but the venue and general excitement that surround concerts at Wrigley will make it worth it – not even to mention the band. No parrots allowed this time, Roxanne.
July 5, Wrigley Field, $54 - $254, all ages, on sale Monday 10:00 a.m. via or 1-800-THE-CUBS. Presales happening now through various outlets.

The Police will definitely empty that wallet out, we know it already stripped ours bare. Nah, we just charged them and are hoping that a Fight Club-type destruction of the credit card industry occurs before we have to pay them off.