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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Mar 25, 2007 5:06PM

It seems like, all across the network, folks were up to no good. Maybe it was all the green beer from last weekend...

Gothamist spent the week writing about New Yorkers behaving badly: at the post office, at the Garden, and at the fertility clinic. Calvin Klein may not be misbehaving, but he's just a little dirty, and in a completely different way than some NYC kitchens.

SFist had its share of misbehave-rs, too, like people who can't be bothered to turn off their car alarms and married bus drivers who bring their girlfriends to work with them and scary vehicular homicide and catty investigative teams. And then, there was a tribute to one of our favorite misbehave-rs in the music biz: R. Kelly.

Londonist also had some bad behavior to report. Like this highly inappropriate television clown and these nosy bean tins. Of course, there's nothing wrong with discovering a secret Roman wall or some vintage tube posters.

Phillyist saw their share of bad behavior, what with St. Patrick's Day being a very big deal in Philadelphia and some subversive street tiles and slightly lecherous dog owners. High on their list of those behaving badly? The Office of Homeland Security—although we hear they finally relented.

Torontoist's readers were behaving badly when they submitted this very, very NSFW video and this photograph of the Canadian Prime Minister with a fuzzy kitten, thereby eliciting very confused feelings from the Torontoist staff. Torontoist can't condone the bad behavior of the locally-based Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts Limited and responded with some bad behavior of their own, by using any excuse they could get to post a vintage Will Smith video. But there's nothing bad about March Madness or a good, old-fashioned Coat of Arms.

DCist was trying to be on their best behavior—need to be impressive to get those voting rights. Of course, when that didn't work, they got a little subversive and encouraged their readers to reach a congressman—any congressman. And when they get tired of writing letters to congress, DCist readers can watch a little baseball or read the new and improved Washington Post "funny pages."

LAist didn't mind that some UCLA co-eds were being more than a little naughty. They were so spent from watching the naughty behavior, in fact, that they were quite nice when they reviewed the new Modest Mouse album and wrapped their SXSW coverage.

mannysellinggrill2.jpgBostonist is on their best behavior right now, while they hope for a good Red Sox season. They got up in Manny Ramirez's grill and found out that the Red Sox got a closer... thanks to Curt Schilling scooping his own team. However, the ladies only take their clothes off for Boston College. And there's nothing well-behaved about that!

Shanghaiist is trying to be all good and law-abiding, but is finding that it's hard out there for a [BlogSpot] blogger. Maybe they can be calmed into submission with the promise of the X Games, American beer, and marble-slab ice cream. If nothing else, there's always the promise that they can be snarky about Google Translate and really inventive cell phones.

Seattlest was refreshingly honest in their review of a play about an (arguably) badly-behaved American activist. They seem to feel that a local snowboarding outfit has been naughty by tricking them, and they've provided a photo of some misbehaving Easter candy. Nobody could ever accuse a rodeo bull of being nice, but that's okay: enough love for the bible and all will be forgiven.

Houstonist has been afflicted by some nasty pine pollen of late, but at least it's not as nasty as Pastor Joel Osteen's wife appears to be. Houstonians were candid about their new QB, which we think was nice, not naughty—of course, nothing was as nice as seeing their mayor give special recognition to a minority group that may or may not have strong ties to the petroleum industry.

Compiled and edited by Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey.

Image courtesy of eBay user MannyRamirez1524. (Is that for 15 major league years as number 24?)