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Local News, People Are Dying

By Timmy Watson in News on Mar 25, 2007 5:10PM

Over these months we've been bringing you articles on the weekend here at Chicagoist we have become quite adept at perusing the internets for news, events, and numerous other noteworthy happenings in the area. Every day, no, every hour, in this city has something significant in it. We've been noticing lately that our friends, the blind ones that don't read Chicagoist, are pretty unaware of a lot of the things going on the city. As we were searching this morning, we stumbled upon what may be one reason why. The "local news" sections of the widely read publication and news pages are dwelling on news that is sensational at best. We aren't saying there aren't great articles too, they are just hidden. A lot of the stories we cover are read in the paper first, then it takes some keyword searches to find it on the site. Murders still deserve articles, we just believe the city has so much going as far as arts, culture, music, etc. and these items are just as important.

After the jump we have a few screen shots from the Chicago Tribune, the Sun-Times, and ABC7. Ten of the nineteen articles are on murder. Overall, we feel the Trib "local news" section is the worst. The Sun-Times has the most content, they've also got the STNG publications on the site which bring specific community news. ABC is a little different as it mostly focuses entirely on the area, but the site is a little too video centric. Also, the Trib and ST layouts are eerily similar. What do you think? Other than Chicagoist, where do you go for local news?

The Chicago Tribune

The Sun-Times

ABC7 Chicago