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Bad Cop, Bad Cop

By Louis in News on Mar 28, 2007 9:40PM


Chicago police officers don't exactly have a perfect track record. Actually, the force is beginning to look like they are using the script from Training Day. Torture, drugs, weapons, intimidation, etc. We understand that there are over 15,000 officers on the force, and most of the recent problems involve a small number of cops, but things aren't looking good.

Obviously, the national headliner is the bartender beating by a liquored-up, off-duty officer. The video has almost reached the height of internet phenomenon. Anthony Abbate has been charged with a felony, and the department is moving to fire him, but even something like this, involving a single officer, may not be as insular as it seems. There are reports of threats and bribes to Karolina Obrycka not to go to the press. And today, on-duty Grand Central District officers shielded the media from Abbate as he left the court house and ticketed media vehicles, apparently under a Captain's orders. Superintendent Cline says that the Captain has been demoted.

Next on the list is the beating of four businessmen by six off-duty officers in December. One of the businessmen had facial reconstructive surgery, and another had several broken ribs. The worst part is that the cops were called by witnesses of the beating, but the responders were waived off by the off-duty Sergeant involved in the beating.

And now there is another allegation that a 73-year-old woman, Delores DeLaRosa, needed emergency brain surgery after she was pushed to the ground by Chicago police officers. The officers were at her home about the registration of two dogs DeLaRosa allegedly owned. A lawsuit was filed in Cook County on Tuesday.

Despite announcing faster handling of misconduct allegations, is it too little too late?

Image via Jeff Cagle.