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April Theater Preview: Expect Delays

By Justin Sondak in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 2, 2007 8:28PM

April, the cruelest month, brings with it north-side commuters’ personal hell. But delays on the CTA’s red, brown, purple and blue lines aren’t just chewing up your time and stoking our comments sections for the next couple years. They’re a threat to the local theater industry, specifically that massive cluster of storefronts barely a stone’s throw from the el tracks. Through early 2009, making that 7:00 curtain may involve unnecessary drama.

But if you make it on time, you still have a better than average chance of seeing something memorable. A few of this month’s promising shows:

livewire_nightingale.jpgThe Love of the Nightingale by Timberlake Wertenbaker
Livewire Chicago Theatre at side studio

The Scene: A silenced princess takes revenge on the King of Thrace in this contemporary reworking of Sophocles.
Why see it: Wertenbaker has made a cottage industry out of modern adaptations. Livewire has made a cottage industry out of respecting the playwright.
When: April 4 - 29
Cost: $5-15

Cynical Weathers by Douglas Post
Victory Gardens Theater at the Biograph

The Scene: Texas Congressman must prevent his wife, a scientist, and his chief of staff from derailing his proposed energy bill. And that's before public outrage, nature, and presidential veto enter the picture.
Why see it: If successful, the show could spur a “global warming drama” fad.
When: April 6 - May 13
Cost: $26-45

Hardingpic.jpgPoker Night at the White House by Sean Benjamin
Neo-Futurists at the Neo-Futurarium

The Scene: Warren Harding: Worst President Ever?
Why see it: The H.L. Mencken puppet should be entertaining. We’re not making that up, these are the Neo-Futurists after all.
When: April 19 - May 26
Cost: $15 regular, $10 discount

The rest of April after the jump

suenopic.jpgSueno by Jose Rivera, adapted from Pedro Calderon de la Barca
Greasy Joan & Company at the Athenaeum Theatre

The Scene: Calderon’s metaphysical poetic classic translated for modern audiences.
Why see it: Translation via The Motorcycle Diaries screenwriter.
When: April 12 - May 20
Cost: $10-20

Frozen by Byrony Lavery
Next Theatre

The Scene: Grieving mother confronts the man who murdered her child.
Why see it: The company who tackled Caryl Churchill’s dystopian fantasies presents a show which might be even bleaker.
When: April 13 - May 13
Cost: $10-34

Apple by Vern Thiessen
Profiles Theatre

The Scene: Middle-aged man believes a hot young babe will fix his faltering life.
Why see it: The script is more eloquent than our synopsis. At least the Canadians love it.
When: April 16 - June 3
Cost: $15-25

Orange Lemon Egg Canary by Rinne Groff
Uma Productions at Chopin Theatre

The Scene: Romantic entrapment between a magician and his assistant.
Why see it: To see the magic man perform that “chick on a stick” trick.
When: April 18 - May 19
Cost: $5-30

yermapic.jpgYerma by Federico Garcia Lorca
Halcyon Theatre at Steep Theater

The Scene: Rural Spanish woman will go to almost any length to have a child. Traditional society doesn’t like that.
Why see it: We’d take a Lorca show over a telenovela any day.
When: April 19 - May 13
Cost: $10-$15

Gidget by Frederick Kohner
City Lit at City Lit Theater

The Scene: One girl’s magical Malibu summer—so magical that it spawned three movies, a TV series, and this play.
Why see it: Kohner’s daughter, the real Gidget, is consultant to this production.
When: April 20 - June 3
Cost: $18-$25

The Meek by Brett Neveu
A Red Orchid Theatre

The Scene: Neveu’s latest, billed as a hilarious comedy, follows shut-ins who are forced to confront the urban evils from which they thought they could hide.
Why see it: To see if “The Bucket Boys” are among those evils.
When: April 20 - June 3
Cost: $15 -25

Half of Plenty by Lisa Dillman
American Theatre Company

The Scene: Domestic dramedy about the challenges of balancing work, life, and your wingnut husband.
Why see it: Script was nurtured at ATC, who will present the world premiere.
When: April 25 - May 27
Cost: $10-$25

oedipuspic.jpgOedipus Complex, adapted by Frank Galati from Sophocles
Goodman Theatre

The Scene: A new take on one of literature's most famously troubled young men.
Why see it: Because you’re a fan of Freud and/or Galati.
When: April 20 - June 3
Cost: $17.50 - 68

Nightingale pic by Sebastian Aguirre, Sueno pic by Michael Brosilow, Oedipus Complex pic by Jonathan Cooper