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O. Say Can You C.?

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 2, 2007 6:15PM

2007_04_snow_patrol.jpgChicagoist has a nice variety of friends who provide myriad viewpoints on myriad subjects, including new music. Our college friends, for instance, hit us up for tickets to the Daughtry show at the Double Door a few weeks back, while our snobby (geeky?) hipster pals were trying hard not to get caught enjoying themselves at Lily Allen in Austin during SXSW. Chicagoist’s good-times party-gal sister likes anything with a “fun beat,” from commercial country to Fall Out Boy to Ghostface. With all of this dissonance in taste surrounding us, can we ever hope to find a common ground?

Aha! Tonight at the Aragon, of course. Our college cronies will sway and sing along to Snow Patrol’s O.C.-endorsed, twee-ish pop. Our sister will do her best punky pop-inspired OK Go-dancing-in-the-back-yard impression. Chicagoist will nod along with detached acknowledgment to the grunge jam of Silversun Pickups. We’ll each raise the same overpriced, under-carbonated adult beverages, and all will be right in the world.

Indeed, music supervisors everywhere are sleeping soundly with the knowledge that these three made-for-TV bands are filling the biggest indoor venues along the tour route, bringing incendiary mass sing-alongs (and dance-alongs, Chicagoist suspects) to the good people of America. It’s not often enough that a tour brings the wide-flung tastes of our friends and loved ones together under one roof, so we’ll relish this one opportunity to rock out with 5,000 other folks of varying allegiances and levels of music geekery in the friendly, barn-like confines of the Aragon. We’ll scoff at the fist-raising contingency in the crowd, and we’ll debate the merits of OK Go’s music versus their formidable collective balance on a treadmill. Maybe we’ll even sing along a little.

Image: Snow Patrol

Thanks, Lizz!