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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Apr 9, 2007 11:39AM

2007_04_coney5.jpgWe don't know about where you are, but it seems like spring can't decide whether or not to happen. Some days are warm, some days are cold, and sometimes you aren't sure which. Baseball may have started up (and soccer/football winding down) but it still seems cold out there. Unless it's not. Anyways, onto the -ists.

Austinist happily anticipated fall's Austin City Limits, even though they're not fully recovered from South By Southwest. In other music news, a Texas country legend got in hot water after shooting a stranger in the face and a young singer songwriter prepared to embark on another zany tour. Some downtown pranksters pulled off a funny April Fools joke, but Austinist wasn't laughing when '04 Democratic hopeful John Kerry flip-flopped on his Texas appearance.

As Bostonist handed out tips on how not to be "that guy" they watched as the city looked for a few good men as the murder count kept climbing and they mayor tried to put on a happy face. But crime won't get them down, it's Spring and the Boys of Summer are in full force and coming home to Fenway next week. In the meantime they'll be happy not to see any bloody socks and very happy that the butt-load of money spent in the off season seems to have gotten a 10k return.

DCist was feeling confrontational this week. First they told San Diego, and their supposedly superior panda sperm, to get bent. Next they jumped into the fray of the American University students vs. Karl Rove showdown, and then got testy about Inside Edition's Rat Patrol's visit to D.C.. Finally they wrapped up by challenging Metro to make their Knight Rider-style bus upgrades the real deal.

Chicagoist saw their top cop resign after police officers were caught on tape in beer brawls on multiple occasions. They also appeared as guest on Chicago Access Network Television's "Talkin' Funny" and got excited about Theatre Seven of Chicago's new show "Is Chicago."

Houstonist was all about conflict this week: a man vs. his prized cockatoo, a woman vs. a really sucky carjacker, the suburbs vs. enormous presidential busts, classic architecture vs. the wrecking ball and a neighborhood vs. a herd of cows.

newsomdrudge.jpg Phillyist had Phestival Phever, err, Festival Fever, what with both music and movie festivals hitting the city. When they weren’t out using their press passes to have fun, Phillyist staffers were trying not to get stuck in public restrooms, photographing big, tall buildings, getting upset about repackaging, watching their beloved hometeam, and gettin' excited for some unibrow action.

LAist crashed the red carpet premiere of Year of the Dog before heading to the 2007 US Sumo Open and watching the female matches. An Angels baseball player refused to take part in a Jackie Robinson tribute, so they visited the best drive-in movie theatre around - one that happens to be in a suburb called City of Industry (eek!). They tried e-mailing City Council, but the e-mails bounced, so they rocked out on Broadway with Mars Volta.

Gothamist got into the swing of April with the opening of Coney Island, where the famous Astroland amusements may be open for the last time. The Big Apple blog chatted with the guys behind Human Giant, the new MTV show, contemplated NYU's minority magazine with its Yellow Fever cover, and visited the Auto Show where really young girls shilled and activists protested against gas guzzlers. And a warning to folks visiting Chinatown just to buy fakes: You may be locked in a basement for hours during police raids.

Londonist Londonist feared for its health after learning that their city is a more unhealthy place to live than the environs of Chernobyl. But we still love this city, where a simple photoshopped image of St Paul's can land us with a TV slot Meanwhile, a white London councillor who blacked up to look like Nelson Mandela got support from the former South African president.

SFist was stuck in the middle of a lot of things. Like the great battle between cars and bicyclists after a driver either ran over a biker or was assaulted by a wild pack of bikers. Then they got themselves in the middle of the debate over the release from prison of video blogger Josh Wolf. Luckily, to lighten things up, their Mayor did something stupid again.

Torontoist got stylish as they checked out some "street furniture," suggested healthy Easter alternatives, and pondered whether they really are a "capital of style." Elsewhere, somebody posted fake street signs and somebody else responded to them.

Photo by Gothamist's Tien Mao

Written by SFist's Jon Shurkin