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The Incredible Egg (Skiing Down the Mountainside)

By Alicia Dorr in Miscellaneous on Apr 9, 2007 6:00PM


Eggs. Seriously, haven't they caused us enough trouble? One day (in the 80s) they're good for you. The next day (in the 90s) they're bad, and also represented your brain. Then we find they were good all along. The egg's latest offense? Causing an entire state national embarrassment.

Okay, okay, so we guess it wasn't really the egg's fault, persay, but the egg advocates. The Egg Board in Park Ridge started it all by soliciting artists to showcase their talent and state pride by painting an egg to represent it. The eggs are then presented in the annual Easter celebration at the White House Visitor Center, where people can ooh and ahh at the incredible detail with which the artists captured their state (on an egg). Then everybody eats eggs and goes home.

This year, however, the Egg Board had trouble getting an artist from Wyoming to come forward. Maybe they were all out snowmobiling, or talking about equal rights. Either way, while someone was found for Montana, which has 13 people*, no one would step up for Wyoming. So they did the only thing they could think of: found someone's kid from Elmhurst, Illinois to do it.

And the result was a picture of an egg on an egg. It was skiing.

While we did think it was funny, we were kind of flabbergasted that people are pissed at the kid. We're even surprised that people would be mad at Wyoming, since there's a perfectly good Arts Council there that would have been willing to offer someone up. We have no choice but to blame the egg advocates.

Seriously, guys, should we eat them? Look at them? Smile at the thought of them? Throw them at car wind shields? Damnit, you're confusing us, and if you honestly thought the picture of an egg on an egg skiing was better than a blank spot, then you need to adjust your crazed, egg-happy minds.

*Give or take 935,657.

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