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Weekend Update

By Margaret Hicks in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 9, 2007 1:53PM

Things are looking up for some Chicagoans on the boob tube, and for some, the yellow brick road of fame has ended suddenly, let’s recap:

Gina4_9_07.jpgOur girl Gina Glocksen has been kicked off “American Idol”. We’re sorry to see her go and in part, blame for her downfall. Votefortheworst is the anti-Idol website that encourages visitors to vote for the least likely winner. Interestingly enough, votefortheworst is run by Dave Della Terza from Chicago. Terza started the site in 2004 and it just gets bigger and bigger every year. This year of course, the worst to vote for is Sanjaya — poor, poor Sanjaya. For more information about votefortheworst, check out Maureen Ryan’s interview with Terza.

On a happier and fairer note, “30 Rock” has been renewed for next season. Thank the lord; since our fingers were too tired from dialing Gina’s number over and over, we weren’t sure they were nimble enough to start a letter writing campaign. Luckily, there is still some justice in the world.

We’ll admit it; we can’t watch every reality show that comes across the box. And one we decided to skip this time around was “Top Design”. We couldn’t help but think that unlike “Project Runway” or “Top Chef”, the designers were using other people’s art to create their looks, instead of making their own. But we know people are watching, because we keep hearing about Matt, a Chicagoan who is in the final two. Are we missing out on "Top Design"? Should we watch our TiVo’d marathon? In any case, good luck to Matt.

In this crazy world of television, Chicago wins some and loses some, we're just so thankful that we haven't lost "30 Rock".