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Dunkin' Donuts Burns Our Fingers With Pizza

By Louis in Food on Apr 10, 2007 7:13PM

041007_DunkinPizza.jpgWalking past the newly remodeled Dunkin' Donuts at Jackson and Dearborn, Chicagoist was accosted by two things. Firstly, our senses, expecting the sweet combination of donuts and coffee wafting through the air, were attacked by the smell of melting cheese and pepperoni. However, before we could consider this anomaly, we were accosted by a man dressed as a chocolate donut asking for a high five.

The 39 W. Jackson location was, to be fair, a bit disgusting before the remodel, and they would have been hard pressed to sell anything other than donuts, but with the changes, pizza doesn't seem to be that outlandish.

In an attempt to compete with other sandwich shops that are offering more diverse options, Dunkin' Donuts, who has recently expanded their "Deli" locations has introduced their own pizza.

On the sign it looks delicious. Cheese, pepperoni, and supreme baked to order. It was as quick as advertised, and we had it in no time. The box looked diminutive, but surely it must be filled to the brim. No. Seriously, the Dunkin' Pizza goes against everything in American culture — it is tiny. Really, tiny. It is definitely a snack, not a meal.

The deep dish-looking pizza has the exact same flavor as the frozen bagel bites we ate as kids, which isn't a bad thing. The crust isn't really crusty, but more like hot bread, and the sauce has that standard fake pizza sauce flavor with assorted bits of basil. The cheese was just as nondescript, but acceptable. We ordered pepperoni but didn't really see a lot of pepperoni.

It isn't that it is terrible, but it was a little overpriced for the size, at $3.99, and it was so hot it did burn our thumb a little bit. Also, now that we ordered that pizza we are still hungry and feel bad about ordering donuts too.