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Three-A-Day To Keep the Heartache Away

By Julene McCoy in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 10, 2007 4:35PM

2007_04_cheese.jpgIt happens to all of us. We’re quietly minding our own business trying not to rage against the slow zone on the Blue Line or the fact that our stop is closed for a year on the Brown Line or that stupid cars keep getting in the way of our bus, when it happens. Out of nowhere (okay, out of our iPod) a song tears at our heart strings when it really has no right to. A smile crosses our face and it’s all that we can do to not sing along remembering that long ago seventh grade crush when cheesy love songs ruled the day and our hearts.

EW’s PopWatch blog asked their readers which songs they hate that they love about love and created the Ultimate Cheesy-Ballad Playlist. We are happy to see that Chicagoist fave Richard Marx made the list, along with the pals of the White Sox, Journey. Personally, we think that some of Chicago’s songs should have been up there. Honestly, who does the cheesy ballad more often or more consistently? “Hard Habit to Break”, “I Don’t Want to Live Without Your Love”, “You’re the Inspiration” - our teenage ideas of love were formed by that schlock. Of course, that’s only when we weren’t learning that love comes when we alter our persona into exactly what we think someone else wants. Thanks, Animotion and Til Tuesday.

Before we head off to an emergency visit with our therapist to discuss how music has destroyed our ability to have normal expectations when it comes to love, what are the songs that you just knew would be played at your wedding or the song that defines love as you know it – even if it is by Lionel Richie?

Image via the National Dairy Council.