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Hump Day Political News Roundup

By Kevin Robinson in News on Apr 11, 2007 4:30PM

2007_4_aldermanic_fighting.jpgBoy oh boy, the shit is starting to fly! Now that the Aldermen and their challengers have taken the gloves off, you better believe it's game on in your neighborhood! This week, we dedicate this edition of the Hump Day Political News Roundup to kickin' ass and talkin' shit. Yee Haw!

32nd Ward Candidate Sues Incumbent. That's right, Scott Waguespack has had it with Steady Teddy's bullshit. So he's filed a $5 million lawsuit against the incumbent alderman. After Matlak sent out a series of mailers around the ward accusing Wags of everything from getting fired from his job in Berwyn to impersonating a lawyer, he went out and hired a real one for himself. Matlak's campaign stands by everything they've sent out so far, pointing out that Waguespack went to law school, so he should know that his suit doesn't mean anything.

Naisy Calls Bernie on his BS. In the 50th Ward, Naisy Dolar has refused incumbent Alderman Stone's most recent offer to debate her. According to the Dolar campaign in "February, Berny Stone told the Chicago Reader that he would debate his opponents one-on-one, and this was reiterated in a WBEZ-FM story later. He has since had two opportunities to appear at a debate: 1) the West Rogers Park Community Organization's Candidates’ Forum on March 11; and 2) on WTTW's "Chicago Tonight," PBS Channel 11, on April 2. He failed to appear at the first, and backed out of the latter." Now his campaign wants to set up a debate for April 12, five days before the vote. Dolar claims that this is too late for the local press to adequately cover the event. She is also raising questions about the legitimacy of the debate, charging that the neutral community groups Stone claims are sponsoring it aren't actually involved. No word yet on Stone's side of the argument.

Correction from a Chicago Tonight Producer: "For the record, Ald. Stone did not back-out of a “Chicago Tonight” appearance. He never agreed to come."

Madeline and Fioretti Go Head to Head on "Chicago Tonight." We'll let the candidates do the talking on this one:

Eddie Aruzza: Alderman, I'll have you have the last say, and it has to be quick, please.
Madeline Haithcock: Well, you know the stalker is a talker. He tells a lot of lies. I don't give my family members money ... I did not ... last night....
Bob Fioretti: Well, wait a minute, I have to answer that ..., Alderman, because you have consistently portrayed lies throughout this campaign. You've lied about setting up ... you just said you have two thousand emails. Last night you said you received two thousand every week. You know what that means? That means a ward that's in lack of leadership.
Madeline Haithcock: You're not listening. I said I get two thousand emails a week....
Bob Fioretti: Oh, Alderman, please.
Madeline Haithcock: ... I did not ... I don't know what you thought I said about the Big Box....
Bob Fioretti: We know what you said last night.
Madeline Haithcock: ... But you were so busy saying a lot of different things that didn't make sense.
Eddie Aruzza: And we'll have to refer to the two of you to our website which will link you to your website....
Madeline Haithcock: I don't need to see his website.
Eddie Aruzza: ... and people can get more information on the two of you.
Madeline Haithcock: This is the last time I'll see him, period.

Image via Ask Art.