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Hot Teacher on Teacher Action

By Louis in News on Apr 13, 2007 9:34PM

For readers who have arrived via search engine, Chicagoist features no real teacher on teacher action, but the Sandridge Elementary School District does.

In a scene that we can only imagine involved lines like "Ms. Lofton, your recent performance has been naughty", a DVD "sex tape", featuring a principal and a teacher at a Lynwood elementary school, was sent to several parents' mailboxes. The graphic movie takes place in the principal's office and lasts an impressive 2 hours.

The principal, Leroy Coleman, has stepped down for health reasons and Janet Lofton, the teacher, has quit due to the illness of a family member. We don't want to make any false accusations or make any erroneous inferences, but it seems slightly curious that their resignations coincided with the delivery of the DVD.

However, the inquiry doesn't stop there. Though there may be a seedy underbelly of elementary school porn, interviews with the two involved seem to confirm that someone planted the video camera to record the office romance and then anonymously mailed the DVD to parents.

Adding to the suspicion is that though the time stamp reads December and January, the video was received on Tuesday, only days before the School Board Elections.

The NBC 5 website now has a video clip that offers a very brief glimpse of what went down behind closed doors and Fox News has some awkward hugging, cue 70's porn soundtrack.