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Tax Day "Refunds," No Filing Required

By Laura Oppenheimer in Food on Apr 17, 2007 12:00PM

At Chicagoist we sometimes go by the motto "Why do today what we can do tomorrow?" So while some other blogs told you about free and discounted food and drink you can get on tax day yesterday, celebrating tax day is nothing if not celebrating the spirit of procrastination, right? After all, the post office is open until midnight tonight, and they aren't doing that for all the motivated folks who filed their taxes in January.

2007_4_tax.gifChicagoist didn't get a refund this year, so you can bet we aren't going to be at Pops for Champagne for their "discounted" glasses of champagne for $10.40. This is the bargain they are offering for those hard up for cash? We feel a little more warmly about food specials that are $10.40, like those at McCormick & Schmick's or Zocalo. Better yet is McDonald's offer of $.49 hamburgers.

If you are awake right now and haven't filed your taxes yet, head to the Hancock building to caffeinate before the big filing. Denny's will be giving out free coffee there, from 7:30-11 a.m., before moving into the loop at 11:30 a.m. From 8-12 p.m. the benevolent Denny's employees will be outside the Harrison post office hub. If you work in the 'burbs, you may be able to go into an actual Denny's franchise to get your free cuppa joe.

Happy filing, Chicago; let us know if you find any other ways to ease the pain of giving Uncle Sam your hard-earned dollars.

Update: Thanks to Chow for letting us know about Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day. From 12–8 p.m. stop by Ben & Jerry’s shops to snag your free cone. While they aren't offering the cones because it is Tax Day — it is an annual event that happens in the Spring — we think it will help make the day a little sweeter.

Image via Toothpaste for Dinner.