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The Jimbo's "Saga" Continues

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Apr 19, 2007 5:51PM

2006_08_jimbos.jpgHere's yet another twist to the "Jimbo's is closing" timeline. Cook County Circuit Court Judge Sheldon Garber, who only last week gave owners Jimbo and Joyce Levato until the end of the month to clear out of their location at 33rd and Princeton, agreed to lift his order while the Levatos file an appeal of his ruling. The appeal filing allows Jimbo's to stay open this season, and possibly longer, depending on how backed up the court's dockets might be.

The appeal also gives the Levatos an opportunity, if they choose, to find another location for their tavern, sign a lease, and move. While the Levatos can lament the impending loss of their prime location two blocks away from Sox Park, they already have an ace up their sleeve: Jimbo's liquor license. However, in order to continue holding that license, the Levatos need a leased space, or else the license becomes forfeit. If, as we fully expect to happen, the Levatos' appeal fails and building owners Raymond and Donna Degrazia take over the space, the liquor license goes to whomever wants to pay for it.

The maneuverings between the Levatos and Degrazias reminds us of this season of "24", where President Wayne Palmer (worst ... President Palmer ... ever) and Vice President Daniels keep countering each others' moves for control of the Presidency. Not that we're hoping for someone (the Levatos) to have a hemorrhage on live television in order for the other (the Degrazias) to step in and assume power (the space currently occupied by Jimbo's Lounge). All we'd like to see at this point is a definitive answer. As it stands, Judge Garber has given the Levatos a prime opportunity to find a new location for their bar, which is undoubtedly reaping the benefits of the press attention (the place was still packed long after Mark Buehrle tossed his gem last night). Proving that they had an oral agreement with the Degrazias is next to impossible, as Judge Garber noted in his ruling. The Levatos should take this little bit of wiggle room and run with it, find a new space, build it, and they will come.