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Ask Chicagoist: Cool Wedding Venues?

By Thales Exoo in Miscellaneous on Apr 20, 2007 2:00PM

Dear Chicagoist,

Does anybody have any cool/unique suggestions for wedding venues here in Chicago?

2007_04_askweddings.jpgDear Soon-To-Be-Wed,

First of all, congratulations! Planning a wedding, to be completely honest with you, sounds to us like a remarkably stressful sort of task. This was accentuated even further by the loads of wedding websites we perused while researching some suggestions for you — some of these "bridezilla" types are rather frightening (and even more frightening is the fact that we know some people who fit the nutty-bride description to a tee)! We have to admit we don't get it, and therefore would like to wish you a drama-free wedding with minimal insanity.

That said, what better place to get married than here in Chicago! There are all sorts of different wedding locales around the city, depending on your taste. Of course there's the traditional religious-building-of-your-choice ceremony followed by a reception at a downtown hotel. Which, frankly, we won't knock. We can't say we know much about religious buildings, but some of those downtown hotels definitely do it up right as far as receptions go.

But you asked for cool and unique. There are some great locations in Chicago, including many museums, parks, restaurants, and art galleries. Chicagoist insists, however, that you go with your gut and pick a place that speaks to you and your loved one. A place with a personal memory, maybe? Or, check out what we've come up with, after the jump (links go right to rental pages, if they exist).

That's enough from us — what do you think? What are the coolest wedding or wedding reception venues in Chicago? Where'd you get married?

Image via Zesmerelda.

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