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This Week In Stupid

By Jocelyn Geboy in Miscellaneous on Apr 20, 2007 5:44PM

If you take the main ideas of the stories today and combine them, you get a medieval drug dog. Not bad. But separate them out, and you get pure stupidity, pure craziness, and pure laziness/greed. Sigh. When will people learn? We'd love to have a bunch of weeks where This Week In Stupid becomes obsolete, but people just keep doing crazy and dumb stuff. Onward, shall we?

  • Oh we all wished we could go medieval on someone's ass after we saw Pulp Fiction, but apparently a 15-year-old freshman walked straight out of the Bristol Renaissance Faire and got to it. She brought a mace to school because she was "tired of being picked on" and took a swing at a teacher during a fight between classes. How the mace got past metal detectors remains a mystery ...
  • 2007_04stupid3.jpg

  • Sometimes lawyers do pro bono work, and sometimes they do work pro blow. Actually, James Michael Kummerer didn't even get powdered coke, he just went for the crack. He accepted crack from a client for a $175 legal bill. Columbus, Indiana, police saw the 60-year-old attorney take the rock from his client last week and have filed felony drug charges.

  • Chicagoist really isn't a fan of pet stores. The dogs always look so sad, and we're always afraid they came from some puppy mill or something. We would so rather people went to the Anti-Cruelty Society to get a dog or cat. Even so, we would never want anything to happen to a dog or cat from a pet store -- something like being stolen! Two men went into Happiness is Pets in Lombard last week and asked to see a silky terrier worth $900. When they were handed the dog, they ran out of the store. Fortunately, the one clerk was having none of that, and tackled the man that was left behind! He left a shoe behind and police are considering testing it for DNA.

Have a good weekend!

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