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By Rachelle Bowden in News on Apr 23, 2007 2:12AM

With all that went down this week, we thought we thought we'd cheer everyone up by giving everyone a double dose of dogs.

It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions this week at DCist. Like the rest of country, we were floored by the news of so many dead coming out of Virginia Tech, and with so many of the victims and their relatives from the D.C. area, we felt it important to pay tribute to those who were lost. But somber thoughts came right along with optimistic ones, as we headed out to the streets to march in protest for a full voting member of Congress for the District. After live-blogging the debate on the House floor once again, the bill passed the House, and we celebrated by paying tribute Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton's tenacity.

Bostonist has been watching as the murder rate in the city heads towards the highest level in over a decade. Boston Police have been looking for new recruits for the force, but it's Scottsdale, Arizona looking for a few good men amongst the relievers at Fenway. Other fans were engaged in Pizza-gate (replaying in our minds and a YouTube near you) which included a Bartman move followed by an airborne slice. All the while political statements were made as art was protested and destroyed. And tens of thousands completed a soggy 26.2.

Austinist was baffled by Tom Delay's crazy ramblings on Charlie Rose, and even more baffled by the antics of some local would-be art thieves. Tickets for Austin City Limits went on sale, with the first batch sold out in mere hours. Mean while, a massive new project is underway that might transform Central Texas into a powerhouse film industry hub. Austinist sat down for a chat with touring artists Hot Chip and The Books, and exchanged emails with technology guru Douglas Rushkoff.

Chicagoist had two big interviews this week: Radio shock jock Erich "Mancow" Muller and Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn. They also argued some more about the Olympics and came together to rejoice over the resignation of the CTA head, Frank Kruesi.

In the Big Apple, driving was a big topic. Gothamist was amazed that NJ governor Jon Corzine was not only unbuckled but speeding at 91 MPH when his SUV got into a car crash. In New York, the city is awaiting Mayor Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan to alleviate city traffic and raise money for city coffers. Also, the trial of four lesbians accused of attacking a man because he was straight ended with guilty verdicts. But the momentary bright spot of the week was the appearance of a whale in Brooklyn's Gowanus Bay. (The whale ventually died, but not without the well wishes of city folks.)

istcorgi.jpgHoustonist had wacky celebrity stuff going down in their neck of the woods. Andre Agassi hit his wife in the facewith a tennis racket, Beyonce got sued, and George Clinton had a groovy video. To settle down all that craziness, they found the new mojito and a feng shui cemetary.

Phillyist wrapped up its very through and extensive two-festival coverage and celebrated by taking a much-needed hiatus. Meanwhile, the OHS-delayed Rodrigo y Gabriella show finally hit Philly, and the City of Brotherly Love is losing a musical institution.

Over at LAist, it may have been 4/20 week, but dozens of suburban pot growers are getting busted. Meanwhile, it is going to get easier for gang members in LA to get off injunction lists. Just as dangerous and rowdy are baseball games, so they provided a tutorial on baseball etiquette when rooting for the away team, but those rules are thrown out of the window when it comes to the hot chicks of the Derby Dolls. Also, lots and lots of interviews with the likes of the Daily Editor of,,, Smoosh and the guy bringing the party back to Downtown LA.

Everything is outsized in Londonist's world. The locals are going after world records, somebody's scribbling random graffiti everywhere, and Londonist's "Touch-Up London" photoshop contest has some giant residents of Buckingham Palace.

SFist wondered about cameras on buses spying on you and whether San Francisco was a great place to meet your mate or a lousy place. They also wondered what would happen if bloggers who ironically support the Mayor would do if they meet bloggers who ironically hate the Mayor. And speaking of the Mayor: is he about to get hitched?

This week, Torontoist rocked out...for science, gave props to music producer Bob Ezrin for his praising of Trent Reznor, and decided to engage in a bit of self loathing. Plus, they're totally giving away Justin Timberlake tickets.

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Photo from Londonist

Compiled and edited by Jon Shurkin