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Hump Day Political News Roundup

By Kevin Robinson in News on May 2, 2007 4:30PM

2007_5_dude_ranch.jpgDoes it ever seem like interesting political news dries up after an election? Surely the pols who ran are taking a vacation — and why wouldn't they? After a grueling election, knocking on doors, rallying the troops, and getting out the vote, it's no wonder that they want to take some rest and relaxation. With that in mind, we present you our weekly roundup of political news.

Manny Flores to Seek Fourth District Congressional Seat. It's not been a secret that many Latino politicians in the area want to take Luis Gutierrez's congressional seat when he retires in '08. What's been surprising, however, is how quickly people have made their intentions known. Besides Ald. Ricardo Munoz (22nd) and Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldanado (8th), Ald. Manny Flores (1st) has announced his intentions, too. In an interview with the Chicago Reader, he said, "I've been talking to folks about it, and I've been pretty open with them: I'm doing it."

Todd Stroger to Bring the Accountability. In a crippling blow to patronage, the Great Reformer Todd "The Toddler" Stroger is now requiring Cook County employees to actually provide real receipts when the county reimburses them for an expense. It remains unclear how much this "loophole" is actually costing the county, but the savings could add up to another paid position for a Stroger family member.

The Sun-Times Scoops 'Em Again. Michael Sneed hears the word on the street is that Bill "Hog with the Big Nuts" Beavers is going to try to cut funding to pay the rent on Commissioner Tony "I take my marching orders from Grover Norquist" Peraica's office in Westchester. Sneed is looking forward to "sparks" flying!