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Extra, Extra

By Rachelle Bowden in News on May 4, 2007 12:39AM

  • Scientists announced that they have found a 4-mile-square fossilized rain forest near Danville, IL. They say it was preserved by a major ancient earthquake and that it has a bunch of big leaf impressions, trunks of extinct trees, and tree-sized horsetail plants.
  • LaSalle Bank getting bought by Bank of America? Not so fast...
  • HowToOpenThings is a new local online venture where site members have contests to get videos created that demonstrate how to open things. But not like jars... like how to open a funeral with a joke or how to open a conversation about bad hairstyles with Donald Trump.
  • In an attempt to rank the country's 25 largest metro areas based on how humane they are, Chicago came in 25th. Of course they also included parts of Indiana, Wisconsin and the rest of Illinois when calculating the outcome. We're sure that didn't affect things at all...
  • HSBC gave an award out for Smart Money Kid of the year. The winner was Christopher Szulc, a 14-year-old from Western Springs, IL. Christopher won a scholarship and a laptop and will be interviewed and make public appearances.
  • Great Chicago Places & Spaces, our annual celebration of architecture and design, will be held from May 18 to May 20. Register before May 11!
  • This artist draws with her blood.

"Just hopin' you may be somewhere out walking..." via *April*.