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ReViewed: LCD Soundsystem at the Metro

By Julene McCoy in Arts & Entertainment on May 7, 2007 5:14PM

2007_05_lcdgroup.jpgWhat’s impossible to write about last night’s LCD Soundsystem show at the Metro is just how many influences there are in James Murphy’s songs, let alone an entire night’s setlist. The lyrics from “Losing My Edge” can give us a little insight into just which sounds may be hiding in the mix, even if Murphy’s only being sarcastic. Disco. Industrial. New Wave. Funk. Glam. Punk.

In fact, the whole evening is one of those nights that’s hard to sum up at all. Perhaps, words can’t do the evening justice. LCD Soundsystem isn’t really a band in the sense of the way that we’ve always thought of bands. We would dare to say that the whole concept put forth by LCD Soundsystem doesn’t even require musicians on the stage to achieve the full, desired effect. There isn’t a lot to watch – not a lot of interaction between the players, not much ego is projected by Murphy or anyone else, nor any attempt to create any stage setting - just a bunch of cables, stands, keyboards, drums, and mikes, as well as extras just offstage waiting for their moment to play. What's on the stage isn’t the point of LCD Soundsystem at all.

2007_05_lcdsoundsystem.jpgLCD is just an excuse to dance one’s ass off. That’s it. Don’t think about it. Don’t analyze it. Have fun. Be one with the sound. Throw your hands in the air. Shout some lyrics. Always, always keep moving to the beat. Until it’s too hot down front and time to escape to the back of the room with a sheen of sweat all over your body for some air, a quick drink of water, and then start all over. The whole night was more rave than concert with the crowd instantly recognizing their favorites with a shout and a jump before returning to their constant communal motion. “Watch the Tapes”, “North American Scum” and “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” were clear favorites and pushed the energy level even higher with the crowd joyfully shouting all the lyrics.

At times the underlying rolling sounds of bass became repetitive, but that’s what keeps the whole party moving in the intended direction of experiencing and feeling the music, not just listening to it. There’s no denying LCD Soundsystem filled the Metro last night with roaring energy putting exhausted, sweaty smiles on the faces of the fans.