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Dude Looks Like a Lady

By Amanda Dickman in News on May 9, 2007 9:50PM

2007_5_bank.jpgWe assume (perhaps unfairly) that when Tyrone Holloman woke up Tuesday morning and thought, "Hey, I'm going to rob a bank today," he probably didn't envision a stand-off with police as a part of the plan. What was included in the plan, though, was dressing up like a woman.

Holloman walked into the LaSalle bank at 30th Street and Kedzie Avenue around noon in a black and floral print dress and a wig and carrying a gun. As he fled the bank with the seized cash, he tackled a security guard and took his gun as well. Once outside, Holloman ran from police (on the scene in response to a silent alarm tripped inside the bank), firing shots as he fled. He then burst into a home a few blocks away, sending the occupants fleeing into the street.

Fearing a hostage situation, the police called in the SWAT team, evacuated nearby houses and put two nearby schools (McCormick School and Madero Middle School) on lockdown. Through the course of the stand-off, Holloman fired 30 or so shots from inside the home.

In the negotiation process, Holloman requested his girlfriend and an attorney; the girlfriend eventually showed, most likely equal parts scared shitless and pissed as all hell that she has to deal with her boyfriend that just robbed a bank and shot at police. Really, nothing good can come of that situation.

Holloman surrendered around 3 p.m. by throwing his gun and the security guard's gun out of a window. He has been charged with multiple counts of attempted murder and "other offenses," one of which may or may not be "posing as a really, really ugly woman."

Image via abmarfia.