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Time to Suit Up

By Timmy Watson in Miscellaneous on May 12, 2007 5:15PM

Alright guys, and girls, we need your help and feedback. We are in the market for a slim fitting, decent suit. When we graduated from college our grandfather took us suit shopping. The best/worst salesperson helped up pick out a suit that to this day is way too large. But, everyone seemed to say the same thing, you'll need some suits you can grow in to. The salesperson seemed to think this, grandpa seemed to agree, the seamstress we asked, "please make them fit better" seemed to feel leaving room for growth was best. Years later, the suits are no where near the right size. Essentially what they were saying is; "inevitably if you will be wearing a suit, you will get larger. Why not plan for the future?"

07_05_12_suits.gifWell, when it came time for us to put on the suit, we looked in the mirror and one of those cute kids in giant clothing looked back at us. So off we went to find a nice, slim fitting suit. We ended up finding an inexpensive black suit at H&M. Well, now the time has come to add additional suits to the collection.

This month's GQ lists the top 10 suits for under $500 and there are some sharp ones. Don't get us wrong, 90% of the time you will catch us in rolled up jeans and a faded thrift store t-shirt, but there is something appealing about occasionally pulling out a suit, and wearing it well. For wool, we like the Nautica suit in navy. We have no problem with wool suits, but they aren't the be all end all anymore. Unless you are off to the country club. Whether it is cold or hot out, a cotton suit is usually enough and tends to fit and feel better. For cotton, we like the Calvin Klein suit, $276. We like our cotton H&M suit, but every time we put the jacket on we have to cut another loose thread. We aren't really sure what's holding it together anymore, shear force perhaps?

So what about you gentleman, and ladies with bad suits on boyfriend experience? Where in Chicago do you get suits? Boutiques or Department Stores?