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Crazy Gas Boycott

By Louis in Miscellaneous on May 15, 2007 10:24PM

051507_Gas.jpgWho didn't pump gas today? Well, most people we know would raise their hands, because we are all hardcore green-living fanatics who live by the code of Al Gore, and we walk everywhere, but some people live and die by that bubbling crude, oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

Today was "Don't Pump Gas" day, but unfortunately, when we rolled out of bed this morning a little late and turned on the TV, we discovered that it was not a national holiday. In fact, you have to go to work on "Don't Pump Gas" day regardless of your transportation situation. It must have been a hell of a hike from the suburbs today if you forgot to get gas last night at 11:59.

Why did we miserably fail the May 15th call to arms? To begin with, even though the major media sources began to pick up the story, no one was actually going to do it. Any attempt to stick it to the "Man" was most likely doomed from the beginning. We don't know who organized this event (though we suspect it was the same mysterious force that sends us Viagra and Nigerian 419 Scam spam), but why not pick a weekend? Also, the same mysterious forces touted this as a way to immediately cut $0.30 off the price of gas and send oil companies reeling. Maybe if it were using a mass boycott to cut down on emissions for one day by choosing an alternate method to get where you need to go, we would have considered caring.

So, if the American consumer did boycott gas today (and all the cars we hear outside are running on leftover gas), what impact would it have? Absolutely none. People still drove to work today. People who didn't get gas today will get it tomorrow. Consumption remains constant.

However, we applaud the effort (not really, but we don't want to sound completely condescending).

Image via Speedy1469.