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The New Kids on the Block

By Kevin Robinson in News on May 22, 2007 1:50PM

Yesterday was a big day on LaSalle Street. Those nine ragamuffins that took out sitting aldermen were sworn in Monday, making them officially part of the establishment.

2007_5_city_hall.jpgIn his sixth inaugural address, Daley tried to draw a line in the sand with the new aldermen, urging them to come over to his side and "work together", and reminded them that "the people of our city expect their leaders to continue working together. They want action to meet our challenges, not endless politics." On the same note, he warned the freshmen aldermen not to play too nice with the labor movement in town: "I will never stand by while businesses that could come to Chicago are allowed to go elsewhere," said Daley. One thing that eludes us here at Chicagoist, is how he can hand our city over to business interests that benefit those that don't have the best interests of the city and her people heart.

Not all of the new aldermen felt that way, however. 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti told the Sun Times "we're gonna propose ideas. We're gonna definitely create solutions to the problems that are facing us. And I hope the mayor embraces our solutions. That's what we're here for. We're not here to be a rubber stamp." Pat Dowell, from the 3rd Ward, asserted that debate would be imminent. We're looking forward to a more vibrant city council, and are reminiscent for a time when the council wasn't so goddamned compliant. Although it was a tough time for Chicago, and in many ways it tore us apart as a city, there was at least a sense that the mayor didn't have total control over the city.

Hold on Chicago, because the next four years should be a great show!