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Springfield Wants to be Home to the Simpsons

By Louis in Arts & Entertainment on May 24, 2007 5:30PM

While, we always thought that the debate was pointless, speculation over where Springfield is actually set has raged throughout the 18 years of the Simpson's existence. The creators in "Behind the Laughter" have insinuated that it is probably somewhere in Kentucky, but it was based largely on Portland, OR, where creator, Matt Groening, grew up. For the most part, we are content with Springfield being Anytown, USA, allowing the creators to make it whatever they want for a particular episode.

However, The Simpson's is now a major motion picture, and creative freedom be damned. 20th Century Fox marketing teams have kicked it into high gear. The Simpson's Movie has spawned a Samsung cell phone, a new Video Game (we thought Bart vs. the Space Mutants was abhorrent enough to make sure that never happened again), a Special Edition XBOX360, and, in an attempt to affirm every negative stereotype, by possibly making all 7-Elevens Kwik-E-Markts for a day. Additionally, Hollywood is ready to once and for all pin down a location in one of the 30 Springfields across the country. Each Springfield has to submit a 3-5 minute video demonstrating the city's "Springfield Spirit." The winning city will get to host the premier and the "yellow carpet" event.

Despite the fictional city being full of comical morons and a corrupt government, Springfield, IL, is happy to be in contention for the title. Springfield officials have pointed out several important Simpson's similarities. Apparently Todd Renfrow, the general manager of the city's municipal power plant, bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Burns. Also, the fictional and real Springfields have a nearby Shelbyville. And both have historical heroes in Jebediah Springfield and Abe Lincoln.

Springfield has set up a special e-mail address at for fans and residents to send in every possible similarity they can think of to help the city win the premier.

We would personally like to offer that both Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and fictional Springfield Mayor Joe Quimby both have impeccable hair.