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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on May 29, 2007 10:28AM

All across the Ist-A-Verse (or at least the American parts thereof), writers and editors are in the midst of enjoying their three-day weekend. But after the week we've all had, we feel like the break is not only needed, but deserved. Just look at everything we've been doing!

Gothamist headed into the Memorial Day weekend with a number of tasks accomplished. They worried about Long Islanders giving New Yorkers a bad name. They tried a juice cleanse diet. They chatted with Steve Guttenberg. They lamented the crowded L train. They wondered if old, gritty New York was better than safer, shiny New York. And they cooed over baby falcons born on the Throgs Neck Bridge.

Londonist took a tour of their city's great landmarks this week. They visited Trafalgar Square, which, for two days only, was carpeted in grass. On to Greenwich, where a mysterious fire caused severe damage to the Cutty Sark ship, while another vintage vessel sailed along the Thames. Finally, from rags to riches when a hobo who has lived on Hampstead Heath for nearly twenty years was granted ownership of the land.

Three things on Chicagoist really had people talking this week, and it's about time they had a long, restful weekend. This week, the Feds subpoenaed their governor's campaign fund records, there was a big debate about whether the Macy's/Marshall Field's boycott is working, and the CTA threatened to raise fares and cut services... again.

Torontoist celebrated their holidays last weekend (crazy Canadians!) in style: with front porch fireworks. This week, however, perhaps because of the grumpiness of returning back to work, Torontoist was pretty indignant: they got pissed off about Audi vandalizing their public space, some douchebag blaming gun crime in the city on women, and some other douchebag who literally had beef with the mayor. Their commenters endlessly debated potential reform to Ontario politics and the collapse of some gorgeous historical buildings.

Bostonist has been absolutely hopping with breaking news. First, the circuits of the subway system crackled, nearly squashing a commuter between two doors and trapping a group of riders on a train. Then, the city streets got hot when a gang member shot a police officer. In the political realm, the battle over gay marriage heated up – thanks to an impending gay divorce. And, in sports, Bostonist's hopes were dashed when the unlucky Celtics discovered they won't be getting a hot draft pick. So much for wearing green all the time!

Austinist had a chat with Chalk director Mike Akel, who's probably glad that school's out. Another local institution, the Bass Concert Hall, also started its break to begin extensive remodeling work. The Austinist and KEXP-sponsored weekly music residency continued to be a big success. Elsewhere in Texas, a student protest didn't go as planned.

Seattlest got a little excited about the NBA bingo game this week as the top two picks went to the Pacific Northwest. Goats came down from the hills to graze on pets and Seattleite babies. A small group of bikes braved an elevated highway at night and the world as we knew it ended.

Sampaist didn't have a long day weekend, except for the students who are still occupying the São Paulo University dean's office. While the cops weren't getting them out, Sampaist was having drinks at the opening of Brazil's biggest bookstore and fighting for cheaper tickets to see the Blue Man Group.

A Reggae/Jazz festival, an event dedicated to the history of restaurant cafeterias, and a ton of other great festivals are making up this holiday weekend for LAist. For Angelenos leaving town, choices of wine country or crazy times in SFist territory were only the beginning of the list. Travel is good, but moving is too—so why not use abandoned grocery carts to hall your stuff around? A new local magazine is hitting LA with rumored problems (not that the eponymous city mag doesn't have their own), and never moving in were the short-lived Doc Martens ads featuring dead punkers that offended many (and it's hard to offend in a town where the County Coroner has a gift shop). And of course, whether it be movie premieres of Knocked Up, a CalArts graduation or a Chicken Car, the LAist blogarazzi was out in full swing.

On Phillyist, they were talking to their former news anchors, girls were rocking for girls to rock, bees were swarming, Katie was visiting, and they were trying to find out where to grill on the holiday, while not forgetting the real meaning of it all.

Oh No Ed Jew! SFist was all over a member of the city's board of supes who had his office and house raided by the FBI on accusations of taking big bags of cash. Or was it his house? Now Mr. Jew's jettsetting to China, seemingly playing "catch me if you can," despite being wanted for questioning. Speaking of jet planes—transportation's always big for SFist, but on May 22, it was crazy—"Transportation Tuesday!" Stories on cars (State Senator Migden wasn't driving too well – was it the cancer meds?)! Trucks (blowing up and closing major highways)! Planes (SFO not rated so high by JD Power)! And, of course, Muni (an awesome idea on how to revolutionize it)! And, in response to the city's paper of record announcing 25% layoffs, SFist asked its readers: "Why Aren't You Paying For The Chron?" Whew, an exhausting week: but nobody needs this break more than a girl that had been a fake student at Stanford for the past school year!

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Top image of baby Falcons by by MTA Bridges and Tunnels Maintainer Danny Castoria. Photo of Segway mom via this LJ user, via this Seattlest post.

Compiled and edited by Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey.