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So Much Wrong Here

By Jocelyn Geboy in News on May 29, 2007 7:47PM

Vito Zaccaro was working at Cook County ... that is Stroger Hospital as a Cook County Sheriff's officer when the inmate he was guarding pulled a shank on him, stabbed him in the neck and wrestled with him for his gun. Losing blood from his neck, he retained control of his weapon, and chased down Willis Reese in his attempt to escape.

2007_05shank.jpgNow, two months later, Cook County Board President Todd Stroger's office has denied Zaccaro's request for benefits because he can't prove his injuries happened while he was on duty. Don't these people have timesheets or records of schedules? Something? People just work whenever they want? Because they're denying his work-related claim, Stroger Hospital sent Zaccaro a bill for $3,750 to cover the emergency services he received that day. Thanks for 19 years on the job, Vito!

"I'm flabbergasted," Zaccaro said. "What do I have to do for them to believe I was working? Get killed?" Stroger's peeps won't comment cause Zaccaro's got a claim pending, of course. But Vito did have an answer for those who sent him a hospital bill. "I sent it back to them with a note," he said. " 'Keep dreaming.' "

If this all wasn't completely crazy, Vito has to take shots for Hepatitis and STDs because investigators believe Reese hid the weapon in his ass. What? Ass to neck -- a shank up the ass?? This is no Clerks II shit. That's crazy nasty. Zaccaro did say that Reese was using the bathroom before the attack and per protocol, his handcuffs were removed. Ack. If not getting paid wasn't bad enough, now he's got to deal with disgusting laid on top of injury.

"Closeup of homemade knife." by Dixon Steele