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Jennings Sends His Love

By Justin Sondak in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 5, 2007 10:02PM

Packer Jennings’ gleefully subversive panels, journalistic mash ups, and participatory projects hearken back to Abbie Hoffman’s Vietnam-era jabs at The Man. Jennings claimed he was unfamiliar with the Yippie agitator when we made the comparison at Three Walls last weekend, but Corporate America’s most aggravating philosophies and practices haven’t changed much since Hoffman’s klepto manifesto started disappearing off bookshelves.

Three Walls’ latest exhibit features Jennings’ instruction panels for the aspiring revolutionary. Our favorite series imagines the cube farm transformed into a modern commune, complete with wildlife sanctuary and restroom horticulture. Highlights of his past guerilla projects are here, including videos of those Mussolini action figures making their way to Wal-Mart shelves and samples of phony USA Today front pages slipped into Loop and West Loop newspaper boxes.

BREimage.jpgJennings invites you to have a little fun at the establishment’s expense. Throughout the exhibit’s run, he’s asking people to drop by Three Walls and drop off those business reply envelopes the credit card companies have been sending you and every other carbon-based life form. While you’re there, donate a buck or two so he can print up enough brochures/manifestos for him to send back. It’s his tribute-of-sorts to companies who charge 25% interest when you miss a payment.

Packer Jennings' work is at Three Walls, 119 N Peoria, #2A, through June 30. More info at