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Hushdrops Reign O'er Us

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 20, 2007 9:25PM

2007_06_hushdrops.gifTonight sees the rare appearance of a most endangered species, something seen almost as rarely as the cicadas that currently roam our land; tonight sees Chicago's Hushdrops dusting the cobwebs off their instruments and hauling their gear onto the stage.

Hushdrop's are fronted by multi-instrumentalist John San Juan, and the band is heavily indebted to both his love of The Beatles, the Who, and all things prog that you can fit into a four-minute song. The group's single album, Volume One, is a snapshot of a band exploring their chamber pop roots, and while it is truly a lovely listen, it doesn't accurately capture the band's live show as much as, say, the phrase "power trio" does. And by power trio we don't mean to invoke images of Rush or Primus. Rather, we refer you to the basis the phrase is built on, since the band is comprised of three men who can make one hell of a racket.

Perhaps the best example of this duality, the delicately tuneful and the My Bloody Valentine loud, is in their single "Emily." A decidedly '60s vibe runs rampant through the song, and the galloping pace of the chorus provides a head-rush as the listener floats along with the female backing vocals. Then there's the T. Rex stomp of "Elemental Stool" that eschews glam vocals for a more grounded Mod approach.

Hushdrops are fond of the past, but built for the future. They play Liar's Club tonight with (oh so appropriately named) The Deccas.

MP3: The Hushdrops "Emily"
MP3: The Hushdrops "Elemental Stew"