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In Short? EWWW!!

By Chuck Sudo on Jul 2, 2007 2:33PM

2007_07_pig_in_truck.jpgThe northbound Edens Expressway was closed for over seven hours yesterday when a semi truck carrying cooking oil, pigs feet and pig ears turned over, spilling across the three northbound lanes.

The cooking oil seeped into the concrete, which was absorbed - along with the pig parts - with sand by IDOT crews, many of which had to be called in on their days off to respond to the accident. The northbound lanes were then cleaned twice with a foam specifically used in hazardous materials cases, and rock salt was laid across the lanes to provide extra traction for the cars stuck in traffic all that time. The driver of the truck was cited for driving too fast for conditions and spilling a load on the highway. He should be lucky that the spill was contained. Had any of that ca-ca made its way to a storm drain, a haz-mat situation would have arisen.

And still, this hasn't stopped us from eating bacon this morning.

Image courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Transportation.