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Hoop Jumping for 'Secret' Free Shows

By Sarah Dahnke in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 11, 2007 8:33PM

First we learned about Spoon's free show at Schubas this Friday, scheduled conveniently after Sonic Youth clears the stage at Pitchfork. Tickets are ambiguously hard to obtain, as they're only being given away via drawing from Schubas, Reckless Records or from WXRT. We were annoyed when we heard this, as we don't like jumping through hoops to get into a show. Call us old, but if we can't just obtain tickets through traditional means, we're likely to not attend the show. But we're a little disappointed we presumably won't be attending the Spoon show. We live for shows in small venues, which ensure you won't be crammed together like Blue Line riders at 8 a.m. and can get that up-close, more intimate experience necessary to really see a band play its instruments.

2007_7_11_ghostface.jpgToday we learned that Ghostface is pulling a similar move of his own. He's making his way to a few venues around the country on a Scion-sponsored tour, playing FREE SHOWS. But of course, there's a catch. This time you don't have to enter a drawing; you go online and RSVP for the show. But what does the RSVP get you? Basically nothing. Although you can't get in unless you RSVP, the website clearly states, "Early arrival is suggested as space is limited" and "entry is NOT guaranteed." We're torn. We love Ghostface, and his appearance at Intonation last year is in our top 5 most memorable concert moments of all time. We're pretty sure security at Metro, where his Chicago show is scheduled, won't be lifting ladies in tube tops over the gates to ride the train, like they did last summer, but we know it will be one hell of a show. But is it worth camping out on Clark Street, hoping that our virtual RSVP gains us access to the show? Or should we just wait until he plays a "real" show, where you can just buy a ticket and show up like in the old days?

Are you tired of jumping through hoops to get into a concert, or is it worth it in order to get into an exclusive, free show?

Ghostface at Intonation photo via soundfromwayout.