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Chicago's Best Dogs, For the Gazillionth Time

By Laura Oppenheimer in Food on Jul 20, 2007 2:00PM

2007_7_murphys.jpgOh, how we love lists. Is there any other piece of journalism that has the ability to spur so much pointless and arbitrary discussion? Via the Drive-Thru, we found this list of Chicago's "hottest dogs" from Travel + Leisure.

When last we checked in on the best dogs, we found Poochies named as Chicagoland's finest. Just to show the true subjectivity of lists of these kind, Poochies is no where to be found on Travel + Leisure's list, despite being a top choice on Serious Eat's.

Murphy’s Red Hots wins the best "classic dog" category with "a perfectly cooked Vienna Beef dog with a snappy natural casing on a warm, but not soggy, S. Rosen poppy-seed bun piled with impeccable condiments." Usual suspect Hot Dougs takes the "classic with an accent" category for, well, doing what they do. Also included in the piece is a helpful sidebar about the ingredients needed for a perfect Chicago-style hot dog (not that we actually think you don't know).

Image of Murphy's Red Hots via Chicago Hot Dogs.