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The Friday Buffet

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Jul 27, 2007 3:47PM

This clip from The Simpsons is as good a place to jump off this week, as we're leaving to see the film after we file this, and the beginning setting is at a fair. Which makes a nice segue for us. Last week, we went to the South Side Arts & Music Fest we profiled in last week's installment and were confronted with the sticker shock of seeing a funnel cake sell for nine dollars. That's right, nine dollars. That's wrong on so many levels. A corn dog and chips from the same vendor sold for seven bucks. So if you see that vendor with the giant sign hawking those items, as well as hot dogs, burgers, elephant ears, burritos, et al., avoid it.

On a positive note, we did manage to get our regular ćevapčići (che-vap-chi-chi) fix. These wonderful Balkan sausages made from one-half beef, one-quarter pork, one-quarter lamb and seasoned with salt, pepper, onion and garlic, are a guilty pleasure. You can buy ćevapčići at Lincoln Quality Meat Market, for around $9 a package. Put them on the grill over direct heat and enjoy. If you're out and about this weekend, the ćevapčići guys will be at Wicker Park Fest this weekend, so take some time to get away from the music and enjoy one.

- Another vendor that's been ubiquitous this summer at the street fairs is Willie Wagner's Honky Tonk BBQ. We sampled some of their pulled pork and brisket last weekend. For now, we're giving Wagner and company the benefit of the doubt, as it was 5:30 Sunday when we made it to the fair. The pulled pork was bone dry, but we could easily pick up the flavor of applewood and hickory, an indication to us that Wagner is serious about his BBQ. Honky Tonk BBQ will also be making the rounds of the street fair circuit, drumming up interest in their September grand opening in Pilsen. They're worth a try.

- Scoozi will be the scene for a "Taste and Find a Mate Wine Down" Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. Attendees will be able to sample 30 vintages and receive dating tips from Red Eye's Jason Steele. For us, it's about the wine. Cost is $30 and reservations are recommended.

- Go to Kuma's Corner sometime today. The staff is donating their entire day's salary and tips towards preserving the Wicker Park Dog Park.