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Color Us Impressed

By Justin Sondak in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 2, 2007 8:10PM

impress_2007_07.gifNote: This post has nothing to do with Lollapalooza.

Tonight marks the return of Impress These Apes, the comedy octathalon demanding creativity, versatility and a wicked sense of humor. Eight contestants face eight different performance challenges over eight weeks. We missed last year's competition but, thanks to YouTube, are still getting a good chuckle from the dance routines, videos, and goofy spectacles it produced.

Now eight new contestants are vying for the most impressive crown. Their bios name check IO, the Playground, Second City and notable out-of-town venues. We’re rooting for former Chicagoist lit writer and all-around witty gal Margaret Hicks to prevail. We caught up with Margaret, who feels up to the challenge:

Although I know the fate of humankind rests on my ability to impress a couple of monkeys, I am not fearful in any way of my ability to impress them. My human breasts alone are pretty impressive. Add in a touch of humor, a little bit of cute, and a dash of luck, you can consider me to ready to impress! We are judged every day by our bosses, peers and cubicle mates, why be afraid of a few apes? I say bring it on!

For Round 1, all contestants have prepared a song they will sing and play on an instrument. Musical talent is optional. As for the next seven weeks, “Hollywood Ape” told The Bastion this morning, “This year we have 87% new tasks!” We did the math and realized we have no idea what’s coming next. Still, we can’t wait. Best of luck to all the contestants.

Impress These Apes is at IO Theater, 3541 N. Clark St., Thursday nights at 8 p.m.