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Lollapalooza: 5 Picks for Today

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 5, 2007 4:45PM

Each morning we're going to highlight five bands playing at Lollapalooza that we think are worth seeing. Some will be popular, some less known, but we believe they're all worth your time. Today we're keeping it short and not including an after fest show because, to be honest, we're beginning to get a little worn down. We love that all this great music is happening in our fair city, but it tends to get a little overwhelming four days in (and we're counting all the "kick-off" shows Thursday night too ...).

2007_08_lollapaperry.jpgHeartless Bastards
We're on the record as fans of The Heartless Bastards and while we think their gutter-punk blues riffs are best served in a dark smoky bar, their swagger is big enough to fill out a festival stage. (MySpace stage, 1:15 p.m.)

Lupe Fiasco
Yesterday's set by Rhymefest only served to remind us that Chicago is at the epicenter of a new movement in hip-hop that's forward-thinking and wildly inventive. Lupe Fiasco is part of that movement but while his debut was critically lauded -- rightfully so since it's a masterful blend of beats and ingenious wordplay -- it received a definite lack of love from the general public. Hopefully this high profile spot on the festival's largest stage will expose his talents to a bigger audience. (AT&T stage, 2:15 p.m.)

Peter Bjorn and John
You've heard Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" a million times, we know. But they're more than a single song, and we think most will be surprised at the band's brash and powerful live show. In person they turn down the twee and crank up the amps, so it should be a good time. (Citi stage, 5:00 p.m.)

TV on the Radio
"Wolf Like Me" was the summer jam of 2006, we don't care what anyone else says. TV on the Radio slay live, and if you miss them don't expect us to lend you a shoulder to cry on because we'll be too busy telling you what a huge mistake you made. (MySpace stage, 7:15 p.m.)

Pearl Jam
Shut it. We didn't like Pearl Jam all that much either when we first heard their debut in 1992. Then we saw them the first time they played Lollapalooza and we realized that Pearl Jam is quite possibly one of the best live bands ever. Seriously. We've seen them many times since then and have only walked away from one of those shows in a state of less than awe. We think they're the perfect choice to close out the evening, but get comfortable because we have a feeling they'll be breaking that 10:00 p.m. sound curfew the city has set ... (AT&T Stage, 8:00 p.m.)