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Convince Us: North Side Chinese Food Edition

By Laura Oppenheimer in Food on Aug 6, 2007 4:00PM

Chicagoist needs your help. This weekend, we were getting ready to go out for some delicious Chinese food on the north side when we had a realization; we have no idea where to go out for Chinese food when dining north of Chinatown.

2007_8_Potsticker.jpgIn the past we've sung the praises of Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and so on, but when it came to finding a Chinese restaurant to head to on a Friday night, we felt completely flummoxed.

In searching for a Chinese restaurant that meets the qualifications of "good" in our world, we are looking for a few things. First, take it easy on the gloppy brown sauce; being able to tell what vegetables you are eating is a positive, not a negative. Second, a good portion of the meat options should not be fried. We love orange chicken as much as the next person, but ... no. Three, we don't want to see anything Japanese food on the menu; Chicagoist doesn't trust a sushi chef with moo shoo pork, and we don't trust a Chinese chef to know how to cut a piece of hamachi. Four, it can't have any ill effects on our digestive system the next day. Pretty simple, right?

Leave your suggestions for fantastic north side Chinese restaurants in the comments. We'll take a trip to the one with the most/most convincing comments.

Image of potstickers via Kraft Foods.