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You Know What? Don't Even Bother

By Alicia Dorr in News on Aug 6, 2007 6:14PM

electric.jpgWhile the state budget fiasco is one of the most embarassing things we've seen in a long time, we'd still rather hear about it than ComEd — ever again. We think the rate hike, the bankruptcy line and even the idea that people would have to choose between food and electricity are all a part of an exceptionally huge steaming pile of horseshit.

That's why we're not even a little bit surprised that Blago, who it seems has generally gone quite mad, is going to take time to "review" the rate relief package state legislators approved last week. While we think this $1 billion package is a thinly veiled way for Ameren and Exelon to pay relatively little to keep rates up, we really doubt that Blago's intentions are pure, or that any negotiating on his own would amount to jack squat.

That may be because while state lawmakers and Blago continue to chase eachother around the playground screaming about how they aren't touching one another, people like Emil Jones are quietly offering things like this up, which we know are dirty even if we believed for a second that he isn't influenced by the fact that his son has stake in Comed. We still think that they should just let Comed file for bankruptcy and see what a court says about a company with a monopoly on the area, whose parent is one of the wealthiest in the world and just keeps getting wealthier, not having enough to get by.

Actually, that's pretty naive of us; the court would probably do exactly the same thing as everyone else who keeps letting this huge utility company win while patting themselves on the back. So, who cares, Blago? You aren't going to do anything anyway. Take the table leavings your legislators "negotiated" from the company and be done with it.

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