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Do You Want a Ribbon or Something?

By Alicia Dorr in News on Aug 9, 2007 5:22PM

post.jpgLike a child who brings their grade up from an F to a D-, the Chicago Postal Service is reacting to a nationwide audit that found them to be "Most Improved" as if they'd just won a championship marathon. WTF, Chicago Post? You're still the worst in the nation!

The fact that the service is most improved is based mostly on a 3% increase in the odds that if you sent something first class to another Chicago zip code, it would actually get there overnight. We realize that it takes a lot for a mammoth system to improve that much in just two months (the report that Chicago had the worst service came out in April). We also have to point out that, while efficiency may be hard for every other service, organization, etc. in Chicago, that doesn't mean you get a blue ribbon when you decide not to jump off the same bridge as them anymore. The point of the mail service is to deliver mail.

We're glad it's improved and we definitely hope it keeps improving. We even like our mail person — he rocks. But until it takes less time for us to drive to another state and deliver a letter than it does to send it by mail, we aren't letting Chicago mail service off the hook.

Image via National Postal Museum's web site.