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Weekend Jaunts

By Timmy Watson in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 11, 2007 1:30PM

Well, it is shaping up to be quite the warm weekend. Any of our lovely readers want to invite us to some type of pool party? We'll bring waterwings shaped like Mayor Daley's face. Someone should really make those. In the event we receive no invitations, we've lined up some other activities certain to help you, and us, take advantage of another weekend.


  • As we mentioned yesterday, Calsfest 2007 is taking place at Cal's Liquors, 400 S. Wells St. today and tomorrow. Bonus - due to construction the festival will be taking place indoors this weekend. Now you can adequately respond to someone when they say, "Oh yeah, what has construction done for you lately?" Minor setback - even indoors it will still be hot as hell.
  • While we are normally too busy responding to emails with the subject, "be a big man with a big penis", we have heard there are some great opportunities out there for those of us that are willing to let certain Nigerian Prince's give us millions of dollars that they recently inherited. We knew in no time these Prince's would receive pop culture references in movies, music, or plays. (Come on, Common is singing about Myspace these days) Stop by the Lakeshore Theatre 3175 N. Broadway, today at 10 p.m. for a little slice of history. Nigerian Spam Scam Scam is a performance piece recounting Dean Cameron's 9-month correspondence with one of the Nigerian scammers, whereby Cameron becomes a sexually confused Florida millionaire. We assume he used a certain member of Congress as his inspiration. Tickets are $15.
  • We are going to put on our nerd hat right now, we are pretty obsessed with Battlestar Galactica, mostly Number Six and Gaius Baltar. Well, Number Six (real name: Tricia Helfer) will be on hand at the 2007 Wizard World Chicago. The three day festival will feature Comics and Gaming vendors as well as speakers and other guests. Today is the only day you could meet a Cylon, so head over!