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Mrs. Mongo McMichael Arrested

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Aug 17, 2007 12:22PM

What is it with the wives of Chicago sports stars? A few years back, Antonio Davis's wife made headlines for her bouts of road rage and attacking fans at the UC.

2007_08_sports_misty_mcmich.jpgNow Misty McMichael, the wife of former Bears wild man Steve "Mongo" McMichael, is making headlines after being arrested for speeding, marijuana possession and possession of an unregistered gun last week.

Lincolnshire police investigator John-Erik Anderson stated that, "[The arresting officer] asked the occupants about that and they admitted that earlier they had been smoking marijuana. He asked them if there was any illegal drugs in the car; they said there was."

A search of her car also revealed a loaded gun in the trunk that allegedly belonged to McMichael. Misty did not have a FOID card for the gun, but insisted that she had no knowledge of it being there at the time.

Mongo was quick to defend his wife, who is also pregnant, "Misty absolutely had not been smoking marijuana previous to being stopped by the police and told this fact to the police officer,'' That may be, but considering that the cop pulled her over for speeding smelled it, she didn't stop her passenger from smoking it in her car either.

Mongo also defended his wife in regards to the gun, “I also want to make clear that the marijuana found in the car did not belong to my wife nor did the gun in the trunk.”

If he placed the gun in the trunk without her knowledge, and she made headlines for her arrest, Chicagoist can only imagine the hot water Mongo's in with Misty about now. Not even a former NFL star can protect himself from a pissed off pregnant wife.

Photo by Lincolnshire Police