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Lance's Lambo Left After Edens Crash

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Aug 27, 2007 12:55PM

2007_08_sports_lance_lambo.jpgIn a story earily similar to one involving a Ferrari on a California road last year, police found an abandoned, crashed exotic car on the Edens Expressway around 3:15am Monday morning.

The registered owner of the black 2007 Lamborghini? The Bears' Lance Briggs!

Seems that after he finally to decided to accept the $7.2 million contract from the Bears, he went out and bought himself a new little toy. But he didn't have it for too long before it got wrecked -- it still had its temporary plates.

With no driver in the vehicle at the time it was discovered by state police, it's not known whether or not Briggs was the driver. But we suspect we'll find out soon enough. Is he really so stupid that he'd flee a wreck like that and not think it'd immediately get tracked back to him?

Maybe he will he try to pin the blame elsewhere? So, do we think Briggs will claim it was a friend driving, or that it was stolen?

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