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Cheetah Gym Asserts It Is a Victim of Fraud!

By Tankboy in News on Sep 5, 2007 4:21PM

Well, now we have the answer to our previous question. This is just in from Cheetah Gym owner David Wilshire:

Dear Members:

Cheetah Gym has been closed due to employee theft and graft. The degree of corruption was enormous. I was left in a position where I could trust no-one or anything. Most of the problems were at the Bucktown facility. Edgewater, I believe, was relatively free of graft. The scams ran the gamut but it looks like I was the sole victim of theft. However, I urge you to get fraud protection as a precaution.

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I do not mean to implicate the entire staff. There were many good and honest people that worked at Cheetah.

Some will herald this news as good while others will be sad. Others will be very angry. I tried my hardest to save it and take back control but it was clear I would not be allowed that opportunity. I was forced to employ people I thought should be fired and that placed me in a Catch 22. The final straw came yesterday when the RGM left payroll incomplete and I was left to try and finish it as best I could. Many new employees could not be paid because I was not given their information. The RGM should have been the first to be fired. When she quit we were left with many shifts not covered and no-one to cover them. I had hoped to be able to run them long enough to reinstate the infrastructure. But the task was too great.

You will have to do what you need to do to assert your individual interests. I hope to prosecute the guilty people or at least sue them. But I am likely in the same boat the rest of my staff is in. I am unemployed.

It was an honor to serve you.

David Wilshire

Um, can anyone recommend a good gym in the area? We're looking for a new place to work out.