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Summer Preparing for Hibernation, Nodding Off

By Alicia Dorr in News on Sep 11, 2007 6:37PM

Chicago1.jpgWe really, really love fall. We think its colors are rich and, although it can never compare to summer, everyone's hair looks exponentially better. Any time we say we "can't wait for fall" however, people shush us right out of town as if we were summoning Beetlejuice. It's not that they don't like fall, it's that fall tends to give way to winter way too fast in this city.

We are almost always caught without our umbrellas on a rainy day, but yesterday's sudden chill seemed a bit out of order basically because it was just that — sudden. We know that if these conditions were replicated in the spring we would go gallavanting around in our shorts. This time, though, it's fall knocking. As the second cold front in two days passes through (and temperatures possibly dipping into the 40s by the weekend), we'll start pulling out our heavier blankets and, invariably, have to toss them off in a few days or a week as summer makes her yearly encore.

Either way, we plan on looking like an idiot with our umbrella, fifteen layers of clothing and frizzy hair. So … basically everything will be as it should be.

Image via Walt Hubis's blog.