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You Make the Call

By Kevin Robinson in News on Sep 13, 2007 3:30PM

2007_9_phone.jpgIt seems like Cook County politics becomes more and more like a bad soap opera every time we open the newspaper.

While Todd Stroger is threatening more cuts and tax hikes to cover the tab on the bloated executive payroll, Tony Peraica is giving speeches about prosecuting the crooks. Forrest Claypool wrote an op-ed piece earlier this week about the disaster that the County's health care system has devolved into, and Todd Stroger won't even disclose where he goes for heath care (it's probably not Stroger Hospital).

Now a former Peraica volunteer is in trouble with the law. It seems that Fred Ichniowski of Hickory Hills allegedly made harassing phone calls to County Commisioner Liz Gorman, calling her a "bitch" and a "cunt" when she and Peraica were publicly fighting. Ichniowski first met Peraica when he defended him on charges that he slashed the tires of several cars belonging to nuns.

Peraica, who is running for Assistant State's Attorney, has disavowed Ichniowski. "I wouldn't condone that. It's outrageous," he said. Ichniowski, for his part, claims that he was drunk at the time that he made those calls, but that Peraica encouraged supporters to call Gorman to express disapproval of her positions. Riling up your base is a time-honored political tactic, but calling her derogatory names probably wasn't part of Peraica's plan when he asked supporters to call her office.