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Ask Chicagoist: Home for Kitty?

By Thales Exoo in Miscellaneous on Sep 21, 2007 1:00PM

2007_09_askkitty.jpgHello Chicagoist,

This is a long shot, but I've run out of options. A few nights ago I came across a stray cat that looked like it needed some food and some attention. I decided to take the cat in hoping I would be able to find a no-kill shelter for him. I've had no luck whatsoever. Every no-kill shelter is full. This cat is super-friendly, housebroken, and extremely cute. But I can't keep him for too much longer, and I don't know what else to do besides calling animal control or just letting the cat back outside. Neither of those two remaining options sit well with me.

I figured reaching out to you all might help out in some way. If you know of any places or know of anyone willing to take him, I would really appreciate the help. I know this email is out of left field, but I really don't know what else to do.

Thank You,

Dear Josh,

Wow. Your email really struck a nerve. Chicagoist has quite the soft spot for animals, and we think you're absolutely fantastic and have an amazing heart for taking the cat in — and what a cute one he is, too. Our heartstrings are being tugged on so much, actually, if it weren't for the fact we know our two cats would kill us in our sleep if we brought yet another intruder into our home, we'd snatch him up in a second. So we do understand you not being able to keep the little guy, which sounds like it's too bad, as you seem to have grown somewhat attached to him.

We're not surprised the no-kill shelters are all full. Unfortunately as many good places as there are in Chicago for animals, there are still just so many homeless cats out there. These no-kill shelters are awesome places, but they are also non-profit, and notoriously underfunded and overcrowded — so there's just no place for a newcomer until some other pets get adopted. Generally there's a long waiting list to get a pet in, but it may be worth calling around to see how long some of those lists are, in case you can hold out until then. Here is a good list of shelters in and around Chicago.

We're assuming you've done simple things like ask around to your friends, family and co-workers to find out if anyone can adopt a friendly kitty. Maybe it's time to re-emphasize the situation to some of your more animal-loving friends? Get them to ask their friends. We all know how far an email chain can stretch these days, or a MySpace bulletin or a Facebook note, for that matter. If you can get him on some waiting lists for the shelters, perhaps there's someone who can keep him even temporarily, if you can't. We have to point out, though, that since he's a stray you wouldn't want him staying with someone who already has cats, in case he's positive for Feline Leukemia or other contagious diseases.

Calling around to local vets might be a good idea, too. Often they know clients who might be interested in adopting, or could at least help by posting some fliers and pictures around their offices. At the very least they may have some ideas of who might be looking for a cat, or good places to call.

Or who knows? Maybe it's time for a Chicagoist Miracle? Perhaps there's a reader out there looking to adopt a new feline friend. If it's you, please do shoot us an email, and we'll be glad to give Josh your contact information.

Don't give up, Josh.

Image of cat up for adoption provided by Josh.

Want to adopt this cat? Need some advice? Email ask(at)chicagoist(dot)com.