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Ask Chicagoist Update: Kitty Adopted!

By Thales Exoo in Miscellaneous on Sep 21, 2007 8:58PM


Now that's what we call an overwhelming response. Our poor orphan kitty from this morning is going to have a home on Sunday! We're beyond impressed with how many people wrote in looking for Josh's contact information, and who were willing to bring this little guy into their homes. Jill was the first responder, and it looks like she and Josh have a plan to get the kitty checked out and then integrated into her home:

Hi there,

I spoke to Josh, and we're going to pick Mr. Cat up on Sunday night; he has a vet appointment on Monday for a thorough work up, and once he has a clean bill of health he will be released from quarantine at our house into the general population. We'll also find a better name for him than Mr. Cat — kudos to you guys for your part in finding him a home!


And everyone who wrote in who wanted to adopt — thank you! You guys are the best. And don't forget all the other lost kitties at animal shelters around the city. They need homes too!

So how 'bout it, everyone? What should Jill name Mr. Cat?

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