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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-Verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Sep 24, 2007 11:40AM

seattlest_enter.jpgSeattlest watches as a S.L.U.T. is born and Seattle Flickr users go nuts over a local art installation. A restaurant critic demands a Diner's Bill of Rights over a gnat next to her drink, and, in lieu of a Portlandist, Seattlest debates with itself over the identity of the Northwest's crown jewel. Seattlest also joins the guys from Fantagraphics for an ill-fated gun party in the woods.

Bostonist got a crash course in what not to do this week. They discovered a Craigslist post from a Harvard Man who might be worse at dating than Tom Brady is. One woman attempted to evade the long arm of the law by hiding in a clothes dryer. It didn't work. And the Red Sox are showing Bostonist nothing but suckage, suckage, and more suckage. But then an MIT student came along and topped just about everybody when she walked into Logan Airport with a fake bomb strapped to her chest. Bostonist is still trying to comprehend that one. The Aqua Teen Guys are not available for comment.

DCist suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Senate Republicans this week, when they voted not to allow legislation to give the District a voting member of the House of Representatives to go forward. They spent the rest of the week consoling themselves by comparing the best wood-fired pizzas in town and complaining about the city's terrible traffic ranking. They also discovered the greatest web site ever and questioned the police department's account of the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old boy.

Torontoist used their users to get tons of shots of the filming of the Incredible Hulk (the sequel, not the old one), continued their love affair with Final Fantasy (the singer, not the video game), found out that Nelly Furtado is persona non grata at Rain (the restaurant, not the precipitation) and wondered about pornography (the church-mandated kind, not the hell-bound stuff).

SFist, San Francisco, and the Giants said goodbye (or good riddance) to Barry Bonds, who won't return for the '08 season. The Fillmore said goodbye to meat products, at least temporarily, after Morrissey bans all forms of succulent, juicy meat during his two-night stay there; and Jerry Seinfeld stopped by to promote a move and take a ride on one of their (fake) cable cars. Contributor SFist Jim caught images of the Coast Guard rescuing a Golden Gate Bridge jumper, and former SFist contributor Violet Blue lived to tell the horrifying experience of appearing as a sex expert on the Tyra Banks Show. Shudder.

Phillyist is a little hungry this weekend, but that hasn't stopped them from crushing on singer/songwriters. One Phillyist writer had a traumatic bathroom experience and then, a few days later, suffered the indignity of the Eagles' second consecutive loss. Chin up, though: it's so good, it's platnum.

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Top image: Flickr user wordtonic, via Seattlest. Image from the set of the new Hulk movie by Flickr user wvs on Torontoist.

Complied and edited by Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey.