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About Your Reservation at Penang This Evening ...

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Sep 26, 2007 9:15PM

2007_09_penang.jpgThe city Health Department just sent out a press release announcing that Penang, the popular Malaysian restaurant and sushi bar at 2201 S. Wentworth, was shut down yesterday for "critical violations of the City Health Code" after being tipped off by a person calling 311, reporting the sight of a rat entering the building housing Penang.

Among Penang's many offenses, inspectors found live fruit flies and rodent feces throughout the kitchen and "premises" (one can make his own assumption whether or not that includes the dining room); a reach-in cooler storing chicken, tofu and bean sprouts at a bordering-on-culture-breeding 56°F, and overflowing dumpsters.

A call to Penang management was returned with a terse "We're doing the best we can to correct the violations." We've been watching "Kitchen Nightmares;" better the Health Department bust you than Gordon Ramsay. He'll make you cry, then eat your food.

Photo via Penang Web site.