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Because You Needed More Cell Features ...

By Olivia Leigh in News on Oct 2, 2007 8:59PM

Do you find your cell phone doesn't do enough for you, what with features limited to text messaging, video and music playing, internet access, cameras, alarm clocks and, oh yes, actual call capabilities? Do you find yourself wondering, "When, oh when, will I finally be fulfilled by my cell?" Well, until we get those kind of Touch capabilities built in, maybe not for a while, but in the meantime, you'll soon be able to use your phone to find your way around town, thanks to Nokia's $8.1 billion purchase of Chicago digital mapmaker Navteq Corp.

2007_10_gps.jpgAlthough a research firm said only two percent of cell users have used their phones for mapping, Nokia, a company that already includes GPS and map features on high-end phones, is banking on a trickle-down effect to the common folk.

We don't know if we'd pay big dollars for map features just to get around town, seeing as how Google Maps does a solid job helping us navigate, but the Tribune article mentions another important benefit to the mapping technology: enhanced 911 guidelines say that emergency crews must be able to find people calling from a mobile phone, possible through GPS and mapping chips.

We're holding out for a phone that names babies, treats gingivitis, and walks dogs. Technology advances really quickly, you guys.

Photo by global-jet.